Are you looking for PTA Schools in South Carolina?

PTA means Physical Therapy Assistant. Many people want to be around helping others and this is a career choice that will allow you to be around just that. Physical therapy and physical therapy assistants can help mend the hurt with their expertise.

What does a Physical Therapy Assistant do?

PTA Schools in South Carolina will help you get the education you need to be able to help those who need your help to get better. When you attend a PTA School you will gain all the expertise and education to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. A physical therapy assistant is in direct contact with the patient and help them manage their pain that is associated with either a surgery, an injury or an illness.

A Physical Therapy Assistant or Physical Therapy Aide works with the Physical Therapist and help assist them with their patients. A PTA will work under the main physical therapist.

How do I become a Physical Therapy Assistant?

Most states require a PTA to have at least an associates degree in a therapy program. This website is set up to help aide you in making the right schools decision. We have teamed up, by state, with some of the best school choices. Here at we offer schools in almost every state. So, no matter where you live or where you decide to live, we have a school for you.

How much do Physical Therapy Assistants make?

The median annual wage for a PTA is 2011 was $48,000 while aides make an average of $24,000. If you want to become a Physical Therapy Aide you generally only need a High School diploma.

If you are wanting to have a rewarding career where you can help all types of people in the healing process, pta might be the career for you. PTA schools in South Carolina might help you find the right school if you live in this state. Please be sure you check out our entire list of schools by each state.

Featured PTA Schools In South Carolina

Kaplan University is focused on recognizing the achievements of military and veteran students and offers the flexibility of an online education. Eligible students can receive college credit for prior military experience and coursework—up to 75 percent of the credit needed for a Kaplan University undergraduate degree.*


  • Military Physical Assistant Prerequisite Program

As a student at South University, you will have the opportunity to learn from accomplished faculty members who have real-world experience in the subjects that they teach. Our small class sizes allow you to receive personalized attention from instructors, and the encouragement to recognize your goals for the future and the means to achieve them.


  • Physical Therapist Assistant (AS)
Locations: Savannah

Study online with California University of Pennsylvania. We offer certificate and bachelor's and master's degree programs in a wide variety of fields that can be completed 100% online.


  • Post-Masters Cert: Exercise Science and Health Promotion: Rehabilitation Science
  • MS: Exercise Science and Health Promotion: Rehabilitation Sciences