How much does a physical therapy assistant make?

PTA Salary – How Much Does a Physical Therapy Assistant Make?

Should you become a physical therapy assistant given that this occupation is expected to grow considerably in the next decade? There are a lot of factors to base your decision on including the PTA salary. You need to make sure that you will earn sufficient income to support yourself and any dependants. Take a closer look at the current pay for this occupation and the future projections. You will certainly find this information useful for making a final decision.

PTA Salary Statistics

The latest official statistical data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is from 2012. It indicates that the mean annual PTA salary is $52,320. The mean hourly wage, on the other hand, is $25.15. The lowest 10 per cent of physical therapy assistants earn a mean wage of $32,420 per annum while the top 10 per cent make $72,720 per year.

The majority of PTAs work in the offices of physical therapists. The mean annual salary of the professionals in this group is $51,050. The assistants employed in general medical and surgical hospitals earn a mean wage of $49,520 per year. Those who work in nursing care facilities make around $57,540 per year. This is the mean for this group of workers. The top paid assistants provide home health care services. Their mean annual wage is $60,730.

The PTA salary varies not only by employer but by location as well. At present, the top paying state for physical therapy assistants is Texas. There the mean annual wage is $65,620. It is followed by Nevada where the mean remuneration per year is $61,180. The third position in this prestigious chart is for New Jersey. In this state, the mean annual salary is $59,630.

The top paying metropolitan area for this occupation is Lakeland-Winter Haven in Florida. There the mean wage per year is $77,230. This area is followed by San Antonio-New Braunfels in Texas with mean annual remuneration of $75,840. McAllen-Edinburg-Mission in Texas takes the third place. There the assistants of physical therapists earn around $75,490 per year.

PTA Salary Outlook

The employment and remuneration outlook for PTAs are excellent. It is expected that the physical therapy assistant jobs in the country are going to increase by some 46 per cent in the decade from 2010 to 2020. This employment increase will be based on the growing demand for the services of these professionals. The higher demand, on the other hand, is explained with the baby boomer generation entering the age associated with higher health risks and with the advancement of medical technology allowing more lives to be saved.

The increase in the demand for the services of physical therapy assistants will lead to an increase in the PTA salary as well. This increase is expected to be highest in the large cities and the ones with ageing population. It is projected that the current top paying states and metropolitan areas will retain their positions in the future as well.

You Future Prospects

You will certainly have the opportunity to earn a very high PTA salary in the future if you begin your training for this occupation now. Generally, the remuneration that you will earn depends on a wide variety of individual factors. As a start, you need to select a good physical therapy assistant school with a well-rounded program and excellent reputation in the health care industry. You may want to begin your search for the right school by checking out the PTA programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).

Graduating from one of the top physical therapy schools will certainly boost your chances of earning a higher salary. Your grades will matter as well. Many employers put even greater stress on your clinical practice performance.

In addition to professional skills, they look for personal qualities such as attention to detail, excellent interpersonal skills, handiness, strength and stamina and sympathy. You should expect your starting salary to be in the lower 10 or 25 per cent, but you can expect it to grow as your experience on the job increases. If you are flexible, you can move to another city or state to earn higher remuneration.

At present, the annual mean PTA salary is fairly high and is projected to increase in the future. These are good reasons for choosing the occupation of physical therapy assistant.

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